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Sep 14, 2011 5:00am EDT
pushing into indiana. that is a weak front that will push through here late today. as it pushes through, that is what could trigger a shower or thunderstorm here or there but it is a weak front. i expect a lot of this energy to dissipate so we'll have to see how it shapes up. let me show you the futurecast. we can show you what we expect or what we think is going to happen during the course of the day. this is a model projection. we put it in motion. you can see that frontal boundary but it kind of of washes out as it gets closer to here. so it moves to the south, southeast gradually. this is showing nothing much happening around 6:00. it doesn't give us any significant rainfall until tomorrow when we do have a better chance. i'm putting the odds of rain for today at about 0% for some of you, about 40% for tomorrow -- about 20% for some of you, about 40% for tomorrow. 87degrees for your high today. for tonight, still a chaps of an evening shower or thunderstorm -- still a chance of an evening shower or thunderstorm. friday and saturday look great. highs only in the 60s so it will be coo
Sep 6, 2011 5:00am EDT
duplicates. >> he says between stabilizing everything, assessing the damage, getting the rock in from indiana and then all stone work that has to be done after that, that the rebuild will take years. >>> a developinger toy now. a tense hostage situation involving a man and his teenaged daughter. >>> wildfires rage in texas, dozens of them. we'll get appear update as hundreds of homes there have already been destroyed.  -- we'll get an update as hundreds of homes there have already been destroyed. am >>> the destructive remnants of tropical storm lee slithered farther north this morning inform chattanooga, tennessee, more than 9 inches of rain fell. the storm also whipped you up twisters in alabama causing minor damage inform georgia, more rain and tornadoes that damaged about 100 homes. >>> wildfires in central texas have already destroyed nearly 500 homes and forced at least 5,000 people in one county to evacuate. texas governor rick perry cut short a campaign trip to south carolina in order to return to the state. he said all necessary state resources are available to protect lives
Sep 28, 2011 5:00am EDT
. >>> an update on a murder mystery in indiana. four family members and a neighbor were shot and killed at a home in the southeastern part of the state. investigators now say no suspects have been identified and it appears the killer was not among the dead. police rushed to the scene sunday after a 4-year-old girl was found wandering nearby. she appears to be the only person who escaped the crime scene. >>> new jersey's governor is making jokes as he addresses speculation about a run for the white house. here is what chris christie told an inqisive audience member at an event last night at the ronald reagan library. >> i have to tell you the truth. you folks are an incredible disappointment as an audience. the fact that that took the second question shows you people are off your game. >> crustee did not give a definitive yes or no about running but went on to tell the crowd they should look at the political web site which has strung together clips of him saying he is not running for president. christie says those are the answers. you think he is tired of getting that question. >> i guess so. i gu
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3